Professional Organizer

Proudly Serving Santa Cruz & Monterey Counties since 2002

Before & After


All items sorted into categories
(like with like) and stored together


Unused, useable items donated to charity


Items broken or in need of repair,
recycled or put into trash

Living Room

All items sorted into 3 Categories


Keep items sorted into
Categories (like with like)


Keep items placed in appropriate “homes”
(where they are used)


All items sorted into Categories


All papers sorted into Categories


Filing System created for keep papers
and filed alphabetically


Excess furniture removed
for better flow and productivity


All items removed from closet


All items sorted into Categories
Keep • Donate • Recycle/Trash


Keep items sorted into like categories
and stored in labeled bins


Frequently used item placed in front of closet

Junk Drawer

All items removed from drawer


Not working, broken or unused items recycled/trash


Like items grouped together


Drawer organizer used to contain items


All items sorted into categories
Keep • Donate • Recycle/Trash


Items to be kept in Mudroom sorted
(like with like) and placed in cabinets


Items used daily/ frequently  are kept on counter


Items not belonging in Mudroom,
placed in appropriate “homes”